Our Values

The Lybor and the group companies adopt the principle of meritocracy for evaluation and corporate staff career. We value hard work, professional, technical sense, and efficiency. For us, the human being is the most important piece of gear. Come make a brilliant career with us.

Constant vigilance, dedication, improvement, professionalism, truth, trust and humility.

“With constant surveillance, with hard dedication, always wanting to improve the excellence of professionalism with character established in the truth and humility of mind, we can say that our customers can trust us; the authorities can rely on us; and that our employees can trust us.”  Péricles Landgraf


Based on merit, loyalty and commitment to the core values ​​of our corporate culture, loyalty, humility, truth and dedication, we have a brilliant career waiting for you who want to work at Lybor Landgraf.

The Lybor Culture

Faithfulness, loyalty, humility, truth, expertise and human valorization.

Lybor Vacancies

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