Our Modus Laborandi

As Lybor is an office that operates only in the Development Credit (Rural and Industrial Debts) and Credit and Financing in Banking (Debt and Financing with Banks in General), whose associate-director attorneys are lawyers in the specialty, Pioneers in the formation of pacified jurisprudence in Superior Court of Justice, What distinguishes Lybor's work is the fact that its lawyers, and court suit debts of its customers to the legislation governing the matter bringing these debts to legal levels and, therefore, correct, Lybor's lawyers staff also recovers to its customers what they paid ILLIGALLY within the statutory period of each type of debt, bringing this CREDIT to shoot down the legal debtor balance determined by the judge in each case.

This our modus laborandi, typical of an expert who knows the background to your area of expertise, brings a greatly huge benefit to the customer that once was wronged by the bank.

In practice, we have cases of Lybor customers who surprised even our lawyers because we had no idea, before settled the case after the approval of the judicial investigation by the court, which determined credit our customer, how big and bulky was value that our client had to receive in return on account of interest and charges unlawfully paid to the Bank by our customer that loan already paid for many years.

To quote a CASE of a client of our, the Bank pointed a debt which reached 120 million Reais. After reviewing this debt, by applying judicially the legislation on rural credit and industrial credit, and Lybor's lawyers staff Joining the specific actions of reviewing contracts previously paid to the Bank by our client And requesting the return of amounts paid under the Law and corrected, We reached the quantum that the debt of 120 million Reais, when found with the credit corrected of the value due to our client, to the amount of 16 million of credit, after reset 120 million. That is to say, the Court found on the basis of the rural and industrial credit law that this financing of our client was already paid because of the illegal charges that the Bank had been charging for years; in addition to already being paid that amount of 120 million that the Bank intended, the court found and determined that the Bank give back to our customers the value of 16 million, which had been illegally charged by the Bank.

Therefore, through legislation that protects the production of food and the national industry in this CASE an illegal and unjust debt was passed to the test of justice resulting in a positive balance for the Lybor customer of 16 million, the Bank had that effectively pay. Specialists work.

So and so many cases like this exist in Brazil and if not an expert to act in the recovery of these amounts paid ILLEGALLY, One never gets to the truth of the mens legis In this specialty of Debt for Development and Debts with Banks in General. The expertise of a specialist can save the customer from financial ruin and make true justice. This is the profile modus laborandi of LYBOR LANDGRAF as a specialist in this area DEBTS.