The Law Firm

THE LYBOR LANDGRAF is a law firm in the debt area with Banks. The Lybor is a law firm in excellence in its expertise, whose founder and president, Péricles Landgraf, is a graduated and specialized lawyer by USP.

The Dr. Henrique Jambiski is the our general legal director. Our superintendent director is the lawyer Osmar de Vasconcellos, greet responsible for receiving new customers, to evaluate the case and forward to our general counsel, Henrique Jambiski (    +55 44 3027-4500).

Lybor today is the most prestigious firm in the country in its specialty, which holds several national awards for its expertise, Counting on a team of direct professionals of approximately 70 professionals and indirect approximately 900 professionals, operating in all the States of the Federation of Brazil, with more than 30 thousand cases in progress.